P&G Fibersure Integrated Campaign


Helping an innovative product mix into a new market.

The launch of Fibersure, a clear, tasteless fiber supplement that could be used in cooking and baking, expanded Procter & Gamble’s market with younger, health conscious consumers. But to command attention, it needed a fresh and creative approach to drive product awareness and educate consumers.

Fibersure POP Display

Graphica developed an integrated campaign and point-of-purchase strategy that would clearly show how innovative this new product was against its competitors. Practicing the words of Linda Cahan, “a good display tells an easy-to-read story,” we began with a highly tactile, freestanding point-of-purchase display. Translucent and frosted substrates reinforced the product’s transparent nature, while the immediacy of the promise to “add 5g of fiber to dinner tonight” was exactly the call to action that would incite consumers to react – and improve their health, today.

The launch was further supported with in-store taste testing to build brand loyalty and visual marketing tools such as a demonstration Flipbook and brochures, showing tantalizing photos and easy-to-follow recipes. All to support the simplicity of use and provide convincing proof of the brand promise.

This energetic, highly visual campaign won new market share by demonstrating the benefits of Fibersure in a clearly undeniable way.

Point of purchase brochure