Premier Health Brand Communications

A strategic
partner with great
bedside manner

Client relationships require investment and time, some more than others. Our relationship with Premier Health required a two-year gestation period and began with one project. This was the proving ground for our capabilities, our commitment and our desire to become a trusted resource and to establish a strategic partnership.

Premier Health has strong, established brand equity. We worked closely with the systems marketing director, acting as an extension of her team to craft their message. Our journey has encompassed a variety of deliverables: patient-focused campaigns; clinic invites; event materials; a direct mail magazine; microsite style tiles; print and digital advertisements; and internal communications, promoting their intranet.

Premier’s vision has always been clear—focus on the patient. In delivering emotional connections through strategic communications and the sharing of patient stories, we’ve helped breathe life into the Premier Health brand. Key to this was the awareness that patients are consumers. Putting our insightful understanding to work, we helped them build on positive experiences and make them our advocates. Converting consumers from user to advocate status is critical to authentic engagement and our experience with Premier Health validates this process.

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