Repackaging a house brand

a house brand

Standing out in the toy retail world is anything but child’s play.

Bruin, the infant and pre-school private brand of Toys“R”Us, has a distinct niche: offering consumers the same quality as premier license characters and national brands, at a significantly lower price. But in the rough-and-tumble competitive global marketplace of toy retailing, Bruin needed to establish its own identity and perception of high product value.

Bruin – Repackaging a house brand

The Challenge: Reinvigorating a value brand

Graphica was challenged with creating a new Bruin identity and comprehensive packaging system that could work across global, multi-cultural audiences and build brand loyalty to support even greater market expansion.

Our Solution: Have a blast!

A thorough review of the competitive landscape and our own unique insight into the hearts and minds of moms and kids allowed us to craft an aspirational, visual strategy for Bruin. Using highly expressive photography of kids jumping, jamming and excitedly playing with their Bruin toys, we developed a unique brand presence that instantly distinguished the brand as “over-the-top fun.” A new smile identity, graphic segmentation play patterns and primary-fresh colors enabled us to deliver a standout, in-store experience of the Bruin brand.  

The Result:

Toys“R”Us was wowed by the creative results of Graphica’s work. Global consumer research revealed that kids were hugely excited by the packaging, while parents ranked the Bruin brand on par with the top-tier, most successful branded toy lines in the market. A perfect position for the brand’s expansion and worldwide growth.