Schneider Electric Distributor Repetitive Purchases Program


Integrated campaign reinforces positive relationships and actions.

Increasing sales of in-stock product is key to electrical distributor profitability. Schneider Electric knew this, and developed the Repetitive Purchases program to focus on strengthening distributor relationships with their electrical contractor customers that typically buy a repeatable set of SKUs. Key distributor benefits include increasing through-stock sales; retaining customer attention and loyalty; and the ability to introduce new products, features and technologies through managed communications. 

To help create awareness with internal sales teams and targeted electrical distributors, Graphica developed an integrated promotional campaign to provide specifics regarding the Repetitive Purchases program. With a goal to drive action for new distributors to sign-up and participating distributors to fully utilize program tools, we first developed a print and electronic infographic that detailed program benefits, and outlined the process and key implementation steps. Next, a promotional direct mail piece was created that included the printed infographic to display at distributor locations. Lastly, an animated email campaign was sent out, that was a/b tested to improve open rates. All communications featured a call-to-action to visit Schneider Electric’s online channel guide to learn more and sign-up for the program.