Target Guidelines


Trend research and style guide ensure success.

Trend research is equal parts of art and science. Anticipating what next year’s consumers will want to buy requires insight, innovation and a great deal of experience. Graphica fully understands the importance of these predictions and getting it right, so we were fully prepared when Target engaged us to develop the design direction for its Spring line of infant and toddler soft goods.

We analyzed extensive consumer choice data and chose colors, patterns, textures and art styles that would suit not only the future season, but also Target’s distinctive audience. We then channeled the data into a comprehensive graphic style guide, which also included an archive of original whimsical art and custom typography. With this guide in-hand, Target’s variety of vendors could easily and reliably execute their individual products on brand. By creating and investing in this brand-building tool, Target achieved a consistent, overall cohesive and successful Spring product line.