Tractor Supply Retail Experience

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Attract consumers with personalized products and watch demand grow.

For the Tractor Supply Company, bulk birdseed was one of its biggest profit centers, so its revenue growth was dependent on the birds – literally. Graphica was engaged to create Backyard Birds, a store-within-a-store experience devoted to the bird enthusiast, which encouraged them to feed their favorite hobby through choice, customization and fun.

An article on customer retail experiences by Darryl Kuhn states, “Customization fulfills the innate desire to be creative and productive and those are positive emotional qualities.” Acknowledging such a fundamental dimension of the customer experience, we knew we wanted to create an environment where consumers could experiment, mix & match and delight in their own distinct blend of products and choices. Bold signage provided education on the custom seed mixes available, while an extended DYI product line earned appeal with female consumers, crafters and bird watchers. This playfully creative Backyard Birds center gave Tractor Supply a fresh way to attract flocks of consumers.

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