Tultex Apparel Catalog

Visual branding:
Give substance
to style!

Visual branding is brand differentiation by design—quite literally. A strong visual brand makes a strong first impression, with the ability to speak volumes about a brand’s values without saying a word. Effective visual branding is not, however, simply pretty logos, colors and photos—it is the visual manifestation of a well-considered brand strategy.  Case in point: our work with Tultex®.

Tultex - tried.true.trusted

The challenge: Help people picture their perfect tee

Tultex® was long seen by the t-shirt industry as a dependable, if unexciting, value-priced brand—and its deeper values of quality, service and trusted relationships often went unnoticed.  How could it elevate its image from follower to leader, from the brand that covers the basics to the choice that uncovers new possibilities for t-shirt printers and garment decorators? In short, how could Tultex look as good as it is?

Our solution: Use visual and verbal imagery to make Tultex qualities shine

Any t-shirt’s first impression is visual, so any t-shirt brand needs to impress at first glance.

To differentiate from the category’s "me too" aesthetic, we developed a new photographic expression of Tultex, using dramatic lighting, crops and poses to put the focus on the exceptional color, hand and personality of the product. We then paired verbal imagery with visual, introducing a brand voice that communicates business-building values in addition to affordability:  exceptional customer service, loyal relationships, a personalized relationship with their Mexican facility partners, and their record of delivering margin-building, quality product.

The result?

The benefits of Tultex are now much more self-evident, with high-quality imagery helping their B2B customers see the high-level of quality, both in the core product and the business partnership. What was once seen as a "follower" brand now looks like the leader it is.