Walgreens Pharmacy Automated Prescription Refill Campaign

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How to improve brand experience through better communications.

According to Forrester Research, one of the key trends in health care is to “embrace new technologies to improve patient experiences.” Walgreens was at the forefront of this movement when it created a 24/7 automated refill system. The primary benefit: pharmacists got more time to spend with customers, due to reduced time spent on phone refills. This is a huge benefit, and opportunity, as one study notes that “Most pharmacy users had never been offered…health services by their pharmacists” although consumers “viewed pharmacists as appropriate providers of…advice. In addition, “Satisfaction was found to be high in those that had experienced [this].”

The secondary benefit to customers was obvious: you get personalized attention, can request a refill anytime you like and have it waiting at the store for pick up at your convenience.

Walgreens Pharmacy in-store Promotion

The challenge: Get customers to see an old friend in new ways

Every brand should be as fortunate as Walgreens in terms of having loyal, trusting customers. Of course, once people see you in a certain way, that familiarity can make it challenging to present yourself in a new light. Repositioning Walgreens pharmacists as expert health care consultants eager and newly able to provide one-on-one attention, Graphica was also able to announce and explain the automated refill system.

Our solution: Leverage brand heritage to create an in-store hero

Walgreens pharmacists have long been the unsung heroes behind the scenes. Graphica decided to sing their praises more conspicuously, and put them front and center in the new campaign. We developed an integrated marketing effort that featured approachable and trusted pharmacists on in-store signage and audio, prescription buckslips, email promotions, direct marketing, and also a microsite specifically dedicated to the program – all reinforced by contemporary, stylized imagery.

The result?

Walgreens extended its customer benefits of quality, caring and convenience to include “consultation.” This highly customer-centric approach, accompanied by clear, persuasive communications, creates new opportunities with every store visit, enhancing Walgreens’ ability to serve, and sell, on a more effective, one-to-one basis.