Walgreens Way 2 Pay Retail Experience


Improved retail experience keeps customers coming back.

In spite of its potential to reduce customer wait times, self-checkout has been a retail customer service controversy for years. Now research shows exactly why optimizing the checkout experience is more important than ever. A recent Omnico Group research campaign noted, “more than 77% of Americans would be less likely to return to a store if they experienced long checkout lines.” Walgreens wasn’t willing to put its hard-earned customer relationships at risk, so it turned to Graphica to help design a better self-checkout experience.

The challenge: Optimize usability and pre-dispose consumers to use

Walgreens needed a resource that could integrate the best in user experience, retail environmental design and in-store customer communications. Graphica’s challenge was to deliver in all three areas, optimizing customer checkout flow, preparing customers for introduction of the systems and encouraging them to use self-checkouts once they were installed.

Our solution: Research, respond and educate

We conducted intercept interviews with customers immediately after their in-store experiences. Their insights guided us in creating an easy checkout flow, including the slight angling of stations to provide desired privacy. It also revealed that different customer types would have differing levels of acceptance, from immediate comfort to complete resistance, indicating the need for more aggressive education and support efforts. These ranged from pre-launch bag stuffers to employee “brand ambassadors” stationed in the checkout area during the transition period. The program included customer service training for employees, as well as a full complement of in-store signage and wayfinding – all unified by a Graphica-created name and look.

The result?

Walgreens enjoyed a smooth transition to more time- and cost-efficient self-checkout lanes, while its consumers enjoyed a consistent, convenient and satisfying brand experience…the kind that will keep them coming back.